Balancing act…

My wife and I sat today as we often do, and discussed money coming in and money going out. It is a discussion that in this day and age is all the more critical. As a side note, the discussion involved taxes on everything from my cell phone bill, to gas, to the utility delivery apparatus for my house. So the next person I hear say they would be willing to pay more taxes, I will give them mine. (Or would this be considered a loophole)?

Getting back to our household budget, the mathematical equation is actually quite simple. Money going out should not exceed money coming in. This is a struggle sometimes I understand. But fiscal discipline my wife and I agree is as important as or more so today than at any time in recent memory. That said, I understand and can sympathize with the notion of succumbing to the impulse to buy that hot new phone or flat screen. But in the end, my son’s future dictates a balanced budget and it must be done.

Why then is this concept so foreign and/or difficult for our government and to those to whom we have entrusted it? Why have we allowed them to use “federal plastic” in so reckless a manner for so extended a period of time? Why have we allowed the culture of special interest politics to burden our great-grandchildren? And why now does the congress scoff at the idea of a “balanced budget amendment” on behalf of our posterity. When I think about the answer, it causes me to believe there is no hope. I cringe and will not allow this however. I will not believe that “the entitlement free ride”, as promoted and financed by the Progressive Left, has finally crippled our nation beyond repair. And I will not believe that “We the People” have signed off on the American dream and the individual freedom necessary to achieve it.

I will say though that every step we take away from common sense and every ounce of leverage we forego in the name of political expediency is another step toward an America we will not recognize when all is said and done.

The Wall Street folks should quit stifling the Manhattan business economy, and should be yelling shame at those who voted against our children’s future today in Congress when they voted against the proposed balanced budget amendment. Shame! Shame! Shame!




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