Best friends…

As you all might have expected China is now coming out in defense of Iran calling aggressive sanctions aimed at curbing the rogue states nuclear ambitions, “unnecessary”. If anyone sees this as surprising please take the next train to Smallville. It is certainly something I have been reporting on for some time, and one of the reasons why sanctions against Iran will be as effective only as they relate to China’s willingness to fill any gaps created by unilateral and/or international “diplomatic” maneuvering.

Realistically, the cost benefit of any relationship between the two human rights challenged governments can only be augmented by a shared desire to replace the United States on the list of upper echelon world powers. And that is putting it in the most civilized terms possible. The reality sidebar very rarely discussed, is prominent members within the leadership of both nations see a world without a “United States” which decries everything they represent in terms of human freedom. Now I know there will be “globalists” who will label this post paranoia or right-wing propaganda, to which I would simply say that the facts and evidence are and have clearly been on my side for the better part of the last 70 years.

In this period framed by our severe economic woes, now is not the time to lose sight of who our enemies really are.

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