Open mouth insert foot…

Maybe President Obama should worry about what French President Sarkozy says about “him” when he’s not around, or vice versa. Look, these two quasi Socialists have a lot in common, not the least of which is their disdain for the state of Israel. And so in the end it is not a surprise that they are exchanging their views as such in conversation. That said, and considering the powder keg that is the Middle East as we know it today, one would think that the POTUS might use a little more tact when out on the overseas “campaign” stump.

Facts: The Administration has failed to (re-negotiate) an agreement in Iraq that would have at least facilitated a larger deterrent ground force remaining there to discourage the obvious Iranian influence. Moreover, the President continues to play both sides of the fence regarding the “2 state solution” and the “palestinian question”, while simultaneously picking and choosing which battles for “freedom” he will support. (Note: We all know how that has played out as we watch those engagements descend into Sharia Law.)  

Consequently, we must look at the big picture here and conclude that for all of the Presidents talk about his “unwavering support” of the Israeli State, we only have to listen to his most recent comments, picked up on yet another prudently open microphone, and know the sad and dangerous truth.

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